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Schulte’s Meat Tavern at Plainland is a family operated business continuing to thrive and grow between generations. Peter Wolfgang Schulte founded the business in 1952.  Dad was born in 1932 in Germany, at a time when Germany was at war with the world.  He witnessed death and destruction on a scale that no body should have to experience let alone a young boy.

He trained and did an apprenticeship as a master butcher and at only 20 years of age and speaking very little English, he arrived in Australia with only 1 suitcase, a change of clothes and still having to pay off his boat fare to Australia.  At the time his intention was to eventually travel to Canada where he had hopes of training as a chef.

On his arrival in Australia he was moved to an area outside of Brisbane with a large German population whilst waiting for his transfer to Canada.  At Hatton Vale in the beautiful Lockyer Valley he was taken into the German community that was centred at the Apostolic Cathedral and worked on his English. At Easter Dad was at a function with his German mates, when they all noticed a drop dead gorgeous girl!  Dad, running true to form of always doing what he sets out to do, said “That’s the girl I’m going to marry!!” 
And he did!  And the drop dead gorgeous girl became our Mum.

One of the main constants in our Dad’s life was his loving wife Sylvia and their 5 children, Richard, Marianne, Paul, Rolf and last but certainly not least Peter. Dad strongly believed in the strength of family values at home and at work and his patriarchal style of management saw him grow his business into a force to be reckoned with very swiftly.  Right from the start all family members were expected to contribute to the business.  Many people in the Lockyer Valley would have been familiar with the Schulte’s Meat Tavern ute being driven by mum doing her deliveries! 

Mum and Dad’s first step was to build the abattoir and their first retail butcher shop, which was situated South of the Warrego Highway next to the Plainland Hotel.  Within a short time of starting the business Dad began manufacturing an array of German sausages and other smoke and cured meats.  With the area having such a strong German ancestry together with the German culture of hard work farming families, this proved to be an instant success. Mums Apostolic faith has always been exceptionally strong and the community embraced the Schulte family in its success.  Schulte’s Mettwurst, available in 3 flavours, is now seen in IGA, Woolworths and other speciality stores throughout Queensland! Schulte’s Meat Tavern is probably one of the only small good businesses in Queensland to undertake a paddock to plate manufacturing practice.  We are a manufacturer, have a wholesale section and have a distribution and retail outlet.

Richard, Paul and Peter all undertook apprenticeships in retail butchery, small goods manufacturing and meat inspection under Dad’s watchful eye. Brother Rolf was happiest tending the family farms.  In 1975 Schulte’s Meat Tavern was relocated over to the North side of the highway when the Warrego Highway was widened to 4 lanes.

Paul and Peter eventually bought the business from Mum and Dad 12 years ago when they retired to the Gold Coast. Today Peter and Paul are the joint Managing Directors of Schulte’s Meat Tavern.  Despite being separated from the business, several phone calls per day were made to and from Dad, relaying trading activities.  These daily phone calls are still continued to Mum, who is always there in a supportive role

We lost Dad in January 2007 to cancer.  Not only did we loose our Dad, but we also lost our business partner, boss, mentor, parent and good mate.  We still feel his presence at work today, especially if we get something wrong!

In 2006 Peter and Paul redeveloped the butcher shop at Plainland and Schulte’s Central was born.  Schulte’s Meat Tavern now boasts 380sqm of retail and 385sqm of factory as well as a further 795sqm of mixed retail and medical services. There are plans already approved for a further 3 stages of retail and commercial shops to be built in the complex.

Schulte’s Meat Tavern has a staff of 25 with both Paul and Peter now having a son each working in the butcher shop.  Brayden, Peter’s eldest son, has completed his apprenticeship as well as A Certificate 3 in Administration and Raymond, Paul’s youngest is working towards his apprenticeship completion.  Peter’s wife Melinda assists in the administration and financial side of the business. 

Schulte’s Meat Tavern has continued to grow and prosper into a competitive power house taking on the supermarkets at their own game.  The ability to offer a gastronomically complete one stop shopping experience of the highest quality has been Paul and Peter’s dream and these dreams are now reaching fruition.


So next time your out and about drop in and see the "Schulte" family and our helpful highly skilled staff and get your tastebuds and creative juices moving!